How to Get Filthy Rich in Rising Asia Review

How to Get Filthy Rich in Rising Asia: “Your mother and grandmother play a waiting game. The older woman waits for the younger woman to age, the younger woman waits for the older woman to die. It is a game both will inevitably win. In the meantime, your grandmother flaunts her authority when she can, and your mother flaunts her physical strength.” ========== “There are times when the currents leading to wealth can manage to pull you along regardless of whether you kick and paddle in the opposite direction.” ========== “SURELY IDEALS, TRANSCENDING AS THEY DO PUNY humans and repositing meaning in vast abstract concepts instead, are by their very nature anti-self? It follows therefore that any self-help book advocating allegiance to an ideal is likely to be a sham. Yes, such self-help books are numerous, and yes, it’s possible some of them do help a self, but more often than not, the self they help is their writer’s self, not yours.” ========== “She is gripped by fear, surprised both by her unyielding attachment to life and by the failure of her imagination to conceive of a proud ending to it.” How to Get Filthy Rich in Rising Asia: Follow BrainFruit: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: via
Matthew Davis

from Kylie Johnston


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